Hercules: definitely bad

hercules-la-leggenda-ha-inizio-posterPoorly shot, poorly directed, poorly interpreted. A lousy 3D , full of ghosting, unlikely scene and a direction equally puerile, the color completely altered by an absolutely badly done post-production.

Hercules could lead to any kind of depth, story, even just thinking about the initiatory path of the son of Zeus (the famous twelve labors) … but instead we have to look at a boy, physically very in shape, but definitely immature, that hardly recognizes his own fatherhood, a sort of “good and bad” operetta parade in a story that would bore even a kindergartener.

The script seems to be sacking with both hands from “300” but results in something really poor, resorting to too absurd anachronism; soundtrack could have been written by a 5 years old musician and CGI is miles away from a pro result

Need anything else?

To be avoided!


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